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The Heritage was very clean!

The entire staff was kind and accomodating.

Very good rehab facility!

My experience at the Heritage was very good.


Wow! After taking a horrible fall, I thought my mom was in for a long rehab. Boy, was I wrong! Rehab was tough, because she is 94, but everything else was wonderful! The staff was fabulous! Their caring, loving feelings toward my mom were apparent from the first day!


A conversation with my sister-in-law about medical facilities and care givers prompted her to tell me about Heritage of Hudson. Her brother has been at Heritage two and a half years due to a stroke. I called Heritage to see if they had a memory care unit. The answer was "yes" and I made an appointment for a tour. The Admissions Director set up a plan for my wife's needs which included physical therapy, occupational therapy, a physical exam and determining the level of my wife's dementia. The Nursing and STNA staff was wonderful in assisting with my wife's physical and emotional needs. I'm so thankful my sister-in-law recommended Heritage of Hudson!


Heritage of Hudson has been a wonderful experience for me and my husband. I looked at 15 nursing homes, when I walked into Heritage and met Cindy Brown, what a wonderful woman, she made you feel at home, showing me and my sister the 2nd floor for my husband in the memory care unit. Beautiful clean rooms and no smells of any kind. I knew this was going to be home for my husband. He has adjusted well to his new home, everyone on the 2nd floor staff are awesome and so kind!


I have to admit that initially I was apprehensive and hesitant to make the move. Mom came from a loving assisted living facility that was home for 1 yr. She fell and one day later developed pneumonia and was in need of skilled nursing. The skilled nursing down the hall from her assisted living facility was NOT an option…as the care was like day and night. I found Heritage of Hudson and was aware of the memory care unit, as Mom was in need of additional care due to her disease progressing. She needed a safe and loving place to live. I am very happy with Mom’s care at Heritage of Hudson. She is safe and more at peace. The staff from the Administration down is always there to pitch in, whether it’s serving meals, taking a walk outside, or just checking on things. I LOVE that the Administrator is visible. The nurses and aides are angelic, as they are very patient and respectful to the residents. The never rush them or hurry them along. Heritage of Hudson has now become Mom’s new home. It has also given me peace of mind! I feel very fortunate to have found this facility for Mom!! What makes a place great and feel like home are the people who work there. It’s not in the furnishings or fancy food served, its’s the people.


The nurses, aides, and housekeeping just for starters have been friendly, polite, and helpful to say the least. I never felt like a burden or un-important. Accuracy of meds, times, and service is #1. My room was very clean and well taken care of with smiles and friendliness. Dr. Smith was great – listened and cared about my needs. The food was excellent.

Now onto therapy; my favorite part of the day. The group of people from the students, therapists, to the people in charge were fantastic. They were helpful, kind, respectful, friendly, and gentle. I was never pushed into doing anymore that I felt I could do. I appreciate all they do and helped me immensely. Thank you.


After a long hospital stay, I was eager to get to a better place to recover. At Heritage of Hudson I found a quiet, serene place in a beautifully wooded setting. Patient rooms are very large and nicely designed with large handicap accessible bathrooms. Cleanliness is very important to me and this place did not disappoint. My family was able to bring in outside food if I wished. My care from the nursing staff and aides was fantastic and caring. However, the absolute best part of my stay was the OT and PT services. Their exercises and motivation helped me to achieve independence. My stamina and drive increased. No longer did I fear of being a burden at home. At this facility there exists the peace, freedom, and opportunities to become better. I thrived here feeling and looking better – getting back to my old self.

I highly recommend Heritage of Hudson as a rehabilitation facility to anyone who needs such services.


My mother is 98.5 years old, and for many years swore that she would never go to a nursing home. But unforeseen circumstances placed her in a hospital, and then diagnosed as not being able to live on her own.

Within just three days, she went from living in her own apartment by herself, to being a member of the Heritage of Hudson.

What a blessing for her, and for us. She is being cared for by people who truly care for her wellbeing. She has always been a recluse, never joining in activities in the apartment complexes she lived in in Florida, and here in Ohio. But the people at Heritage of Hudson, have gotten her to engage in the activities they provide. Mom seems happy now.

As for us, we can’t say enough about the capabilities of the staff. We had no experience with the paperwork necessary to get mom admitted and enrolled in Medicaid. The staff at Heritage of Hudson walked is through the procedures, and did the heavy lifting that got mom enrolled, and spending the rest of her days in a fine facility.

It is truly comforting to know that she is being cared for by such people


I feel as though I came to Heritage of Hudson like humpty dumpty – I was broken. I couldn’t walk, I couldn’t eat, and I couldn’t even stand up straight for more than five minutes on my own. Thanks to this amazing care staff and unbelievable dedicated therapy department acting like all the kings horses and all the kings men, they put me back together again! I was not super enthusiastic about using the aquatic therapy pool, but it was life changing. I was able to move easier within water with the therapist than land. 

The more I worked in the water with the therapist the stronger I became on land. The speech therapist was in my mind, a miracle worker. She worked with me on many different swallowing techniques and eventually I was able to have my feeding tube removed, and now I am able to enjoy a regular diet. What my family finds most impressive is that at the end of my physical therapy, I now can walk with a cane 100+ feet. I am very grateful to the Heritage of Hudson staff for everything! If it wasn’t for them, I would not be able to return home with family! Thank you! 


Entry into the world of rehabilitation is an adventure at best and a time-consuming commitment on the part of patient and therapist. My experience was encouraging and positive. Of course, the patient has endless questions and concerns which the staff answered carefully and thoughtfully. We found each tier of caregivers to be committed to my well being and for that I am grateful.


From the start when Jen advocated for Jim to be placed in Skilled Nursing instead of Memory Care based only on my assurance that he could handle it, to her finding a room for him, to allowing me to stay with Jim continuously. All the caregivers, nurses, and therapists were very attentive. Asking always if we needed anything at all. And all were so upbeat and encouraging to Jim. And of course the facility is a dream. Light, fresh air, climate control in our room. All these things combined to make Heritage a place I would recommend. But the most important of all are the people on your staff. They are gems. Value them.


My experience here at Heritage of Hudson has been exemplary! This included all levels of care: nursing, physical therapy, housekeeping. Today I completed 4 weeks of outpatient physical therapy which was an excellent transition to my discharge today. Overall I feel better and would highly recommend this facility!


What can’t we say about how much physical therapy has done for Bill?! The entire staff is totally outstanding, professional, caring, and patient. From the day Bill was transferred here from the hospital, he couldn’t move in bed without help. He had to be transferred with a hoyer to a chair weighing 380 lbs. Now he’s going to go home weighing 250! Walking, getting out of bed on his own, etc. This is truly a miracle story! Now on to administration: Michael, the Administrator, manages the same exact way. The best come from the top! We can’t stop saying praises, Debbie the Director of Nursing is outstanding, Brenda, Shannon, Aaron, Krystal, all wonderful. Tiffany, Pat, Jen in admissions was fantastic! The entire building and staff are from 1 to 10 a 100,000,000! Thank you to you all!


We have had nothing but exemplary care at your facility. The rooms are big enough to have guests and to navigate the wheelchair without me moving him. He loved watching the birds out the window, especially the turkeys. The staff has been caring, friendly, and extremely efficient. The therapist made sure he did his best without making him hurt too much. The did exhaust him which was just what he needed! Thank you from the bottom of our HEARTS!!


Thank you so much for inviting us to trick or treat tonight!!! What a wonderful event Heritage has for both the residents and the kids. We truly enjoyed coming and our little man came home with a bag full of goodies!! Please tell all involved how much we appreciated tonight!! Hugs!

Ward Family 

I've been to two other facilities prior and there is no comparison to Heritage of Hudson. I don't want to be in a nursing home but I'm glad I'm at Heritage of Hudson. I was on a waiting list for a year and a half and am so happy here. I'm on dialysis three times a week and have actually gained weight due to the quality of food. The staff here treat me with respect and I feel like they genuinely care.


I like the new changes, keep them coming. I like the weekly visits.


Thank you for allowing us to do the patio visit and spending time with mom. I know it's a different situation but doing the patio visits at least gives my mom hope. The staff does a very good job of following all the guidelines to keep my mom safe.


My biggest expression of my thanks to all the staff who cared for me during my stay. The world needs more of this kind of person who cares for others. I can’t thank them all enough. My compliments to the chef, Really!! Very good Food!

Again, my many thanks, gratitude and appreciation to all.


Mission accomplished. I came to strengthen my legs with professional therapy. The Therapy team was really good and I’m back on my feet. The hard-working nursing staff was great in taking care of me and my needs.


We chose Heritage of Hudson for its location and Therapy program. This beautiful facility is set back off the road so there is no street noise and is set in a beautiful wooded area. There were ZERO obstacles while choosing this facility. Lexi and the team at Heritage of Hudson were friendly, efficient, and extremely caring during the selection process. Once we connected with HoH we knew we had made the right choice.

The Heritage of Hudson team took all the time our family needed to describe the treatment plan and to make sure they fully understood our needs for our loved one. When our loved one was admitted he was unable to walk unassisted. When he left, he was not only walking on his own, but walking a mile a day! We know this because one of the amazing employees came and measured the hallway for our loved one so he knew EXACTLY how many feet it was so he could complete his goal of walking a mile. The speech, occupational, and physical therapists at Heritage of Hudson are the reason our loved one is home and thriving today!

The overall cleanliness of the facility was comforting. This facility is beautiful, clean, and fresh smelling. The residents were very put together and seemed very pleased with their care. Everything you would hope for in a skilled facility. Heritage of Hudson treats each resident like their own family, and knowing that my loved one was receiving 5 star quality care gave our whole family peace of mind. Thank you, Heritage of Hudson!


The nursing staff proficient and friendly. The nursing aides took pride in making me comfortable and made sure my needs were met.

Julie and Liz in PT focused on helping me get the strength back in my legs and muscles strong body wise so I can be independent again.

The entire center worked as a team. I would recommend to anyone needing help. Activities department lifts the spirits too!


I want to thank the staff for the kindness they gave to Tommie and I. Angie and Jenna are awesome for the care they gave to my husband. They went above and beyond to keep him dry and clean and happy. Julie is outstanding at her job. Not only did she keep the room spick and span she also is a awesome people person. Allison and Jessica are the best nurses. They took great care of Tommie. Made sure he had his meds on time. He also spoke highly of Paul the night nurse. I hope I didn’t miss anyone. The entire staff is great. We are blessed be God that he sent us to all you angels. Thanks.


I will remain impressed with Heritage of Hudson. Nurses were exceptional, especially Tanya. Everyone from housekeeping to doctors were very friendly. Pam Oslin-Hart was wonderful.


My brother Michael has been here since September 2022. Michael has Parkinson's. The staff has been wonderful. Pam Harvey was wonderful in helping set up his monthly payments. Pam Oslin was so much help in Michael's transition back to Assisted Living. The aides and nursing staff were always kind and patient. We have nothing but good thoughts when it comes to Heritage of Hudson.


I was greeted by a professional staff and given a tour of the residence. The activities director and her help are very enthusiastic and eager to help in any way they can. The nurses are very knowledgeable and have proven their skills. So glad my family picked Heritage of Hudson!

Joy H.

Tiffany takes great care of me. She really knows my routine. She always bends over backward for me. The therapy team is great! Marcia always takes great care of me! Adam and his team are very nice. They know what they're doing.

Richard W.

My mom. Jenny B., has been here for two and a half years. She is on the memory floor. From the receptionist, the business office, the aids, social workers, the workers who make and deliver food, and who clean the rooms- they all do a wonderful and caring job. My mom loves it there and I appreciate all the hard work they do.

Joan B.

My stay here was wonderful, everyone was so helpful.

Dolores K.

Angel knows exactly what to do and does it well. I like the activities the facility offers, specifically Bingo. I have worked with Adam for a long time; he's a great worker and keeps me motivated.

Vince B.

My experience was very positive! Everyone was very positive and helpful. When I called I received help quickly. No complaints. Recommend it to anyone who needs temporary care.

Judith M.

I like being here. It’s been a positive experience. I’ve made lots of friends and there’s always someone to talk to. Taylor and Jessica are always there to help me no matter what it is. Taylor always goes the extra mile and Jessica always makes sure I have everything I need. Krystal also always knows exactly what I need.

Judy H.

Your therapy is excellent. Adam and the others make you feel like they care and the exercises help make you stronger.

Rita G.

Everyone was kind and caring. The care I received was exemplary. I would recommend Heritage of Hudson to anyone in need of a facility of this type. Heritage of Hudson is clean. The entire staff has an attitude of professionalism and genuine feelings of cheerfulness and attentiveness to the residents. I am so grateful for the staff in helping me to exceed my therapy goals.

Melaine H.

PT and OT are very helpful concerning my recovery from my spinal neck surgery. I have a ways to go but with their help, I will continue to get stronger and improve. Very caring staff. Food is good. Cleaning staff keep the rooms clean. Staff helps with showering and other needs concerning your mobility. Nursing staff is awesome! Thank you!

Patricia G.

On a scale of 0 to 10 where 10 meets requirements; activities is a 12, therapy is a 12, and social work is a 12. Other areas rate a 10 with all section heads rating above a 10.

Brian M.